Introductory Orthodontic Course

Basic Mechanics – Straight Wire Theory/Techniques

Intermediate Mechanics – Straight Wire Theory/Techniques

Advanced Mechanics

Clear Aligner Treatment


Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Beginning Series)

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Early Treatment)

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Retention and Case Finishing)

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Advanced Series)

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Airway Orthodontics)

TMJ Courses

USDI was the best decision of my career. You cannot be a good dentist without knowing orthodontics. Period!

Dr. Maria

If you are a general dentist wanting to incorporate orthodontics into your practice, this is the course for you. I highly recommend the USDI courses. The knowledge gained from these courses are of utmost value

Dr. Monica Puentes

I started my dental career in 1992 and start taking CE courses with USDI and I strongly that this was one of my best decision I made as a private practitioner to incorporate ortho in my practice with USDI and I enjoyed the lifetime membership for continued education. I have recommended this course to several of my associates.

Dr. Maqsood Chaudhry

I have been a student at USDI for over thirty years. The quality of education provided is truly worthwhile and helpful in the practice of orthodontics. I have taken additional training from several of the instructors and have found that the training exceeds my expectations. Recently, I returned to take an aligner course (CA 101) that has opened another opportunity to provide options to my patients. USDI is well recommended!!

Mark D. Green D.D.S. MAGD

I joined USDI in 2005 and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn orthodontics. It’s been my best investment to learn continuously and gain confidence in orthodontics since repeating any course wouldn’t cost more. Thank you USDI!

Dr. Dalia Niknam