Sassouni Plus Video by Dr. Richard Beistle

The Sassouni Plus Cephalometric course is presented in its entirety in DVD format.

For doctors who have not yet taken the two day course (C346), the video will provide you with an excellent overview of Sassouni Plus, as well as the detailed information you will need to get started in using Sassouni Plus, until you have an opportunity to take the course. After having seen the video, you will also be able to utilize the Sassouni Plus Tracing service, with full understanding of each diagnosis and treatment plan.For doctors who have taken the two day course in person, the video will be a great review and reference source for those points you missed in the lecture and will be a great in office training film for your staff.

This three disc set will:

  1. Outline the Armamentarium required to trace for Sassouni-plus.
  2. Teach you to identify and trace the required landmarks.
  3. Allow you to identify and locate the points.
  4. Teach you the construction of the modified version of the Sassouni archial analysis.
  5. Teach you the construction of the “plus”.
  6. Show you how to answer the 14 essential questions that constitute the Cephalometric “Bottomline”.

For ordering information you may contact Doctor Richard Beistle directly via email at:

Doctor Beistle also provides exclusively for USDI Members, a Sassouni-Plus Tracing Service. You may request information regarding the Tracing (Sassouni-Plus Only) Service via e-mail at: