INT101 – Introduction to Orthodontics BAD


This course is for new, prospective USDI members who would like to learn more about Orthodontics and how the USDI can help them grow their practice and become better over-all Clinicians. Learn how the USDI’s Unique Diagnostic System will help you incorporate Orthodontics into your practice in an easy-to-understand step-by-step method. You will be able to compete with Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics and offer your patients a clinically sound alternative to the beautiful smile that they have always wanted!! Increase your Practice Revenue (with no added marketing expenses), enhance your Cosmetic Results and become an overall well-rounded Practicing Clinician. Your patients want a beautiful smile and are looking for Orthodontic treatment – let the USDI train you on how to incorporate Orthodontics into your practice efficiently.

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