Dr. Richard Beistle

Dr. Richard Beistle graduated from Michigan State University in 1957 with a combined B.S. degree in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics and received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Michigan in 1961. In 1974 he met and became a disciple of the late Dr. Hy Pleasant of San Bernadino, California. Subsequently he incorporated many of the ideas of Dr. John Witzig and Dr Merle Bean into his developing philosophy.

A student of Cephalometrics, Dr. Beistle has developed and promoted the use of Sassouni-Plus analysis along with the concept that that maxilla is the modern-day “diagnostic arch.” Dr. Beistle believes that the “condition” of the maxilla (including the maxillary dentition) is the key to facial esthetics and TMJ integrity. He should be considered a conservative in the area of extraction believing that most crowding is “illusionary” caused by dental arch constriction, lingualversion of the dentition and an over-closed vertical dimension. Today over half of his general practice is comprised of orthodontics.

Michigan State University, B.S.
University of Michigan, DDS

The Functional Orthodontist – Sassouni-Plus, A Comprehensive Cephalometric System for Diagnosing and Treatment Planning in Functional Therapy, May/June 1984
The Functional Orthodontist – Simplified Sassouni-Plus: An update, May/June 1987
Chicago Dental Society Review – The Lower Buccal Sagittal Appliance, March 1988
Sassouni-Plus, Four-hour Video Course, 1996

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