Problem Solving in Orthodontic Treatment Webinar

Online Course

Instructor: Dr. Jim Prittinen This highly interactive Webinar will review a series of 10 real-life Orthodontic challenges. Participants will be given the 10 scenarios and asked to write a short paragraph describing their proposed solution to each problem.During the Webinar, participants’ answers and the Instructor’s solutions will be reviewed and differences discussed. A detailed presentation describing the rationale behind each of the Instructor’s solutions will also be presented.

WEBINAR: Class II Correction Prior to Clear Aligner Treatment


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Mario Chorak Dr. Mario Chorak will demonstrate how correcting Class II malocclusions at the beginning of treatment, when patient compliance levels are at their highest, provides unique efficiencies and results in minimal extractions. Harmonious forces are created with the use of the Motion™ Appliance and Clear Aligner Treatment.  Dr. Chorak will present clinical results showing how this treatment strategy achieves both occlusal and soft tissue solutions and ensures long-term stability and optimal aesthetics. In this Webinar, you will learn: • The efficiencies of the Motion™ Appliance and how it can benefit patientsand provide stable treatment results • Efficiencies of [...]