AM662 – Intermediate Straight Wire Mechanics

Online Course

This course is a continuation of D660. In D660, the main emphasis was to provide strategies for initial bracketing as well as the first nine months of treatment. In AM 662, we will discuss class II mechanics, extraction mechanics, management of canine impaction, management of midline discrepancies, how and when to use trans-palatal arches (TPA's) and finishing mechanics. We will also discuss strategies for obtaining informed consent and what to do if root resorption is encountered. We will show many cases from start to finish; this gives the participant an idea of how to put together a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan. [...]

WEBINAR – Ask The Expert

Online Webinar

This interactive Webinar will give you the opportunity to ask one of the USDI Instructor experts any questions you want.  This can be related to a case that you need help with, a certain type of procedure you would like to review or just a general Orthodontic question.  The questions can cover any orthodontic topic – Aligners, Fixed Mechanics, Early Treatment, TMJ, OSA ….. Please email - the questions and/or the case records that you would like to discuss during this program.

INT101 – Introduction to Orthodontics

Online Course

This course is for new, prospective USDI members who would like to learn more about Orthodontics and how the USDI can help them grow their practice and become better over-all Clinicians.Learn how the USDI’s Unique Diagnostic System will help you incorporate Orthodontics into your practice in an easy-to-understand step-by-step method. You will be able to compete with Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics and offer your patients a clinically sound alternative to the beautiful smile they have always wanted!!Increase your Practice Revenue (with no added marketing expenses), enhance your Cosmetic Results and become an overall well-rounded Practicing Clinician. Your patients want a beautiful smile and [...]

AM402 – Biomechanics in Everyday Orthodontics

Online Course

The goal of this course is to present a mechanics system with emphasis on techniques that lead to treatment efficiency. Sequencing of treatment using the USDI protocol will be emphasized in this course not only when this protocol can be strictly adhered to, but also when deviations from the protocol are necessary. The goal of the course is not to present a "cookbook approach" to orthodontics but instead the goal is to enable the participant to understand what needs to be corrected at each stage of treatment.Efficient treatment starts with good bracket positioning. In this course, the participant will learn why [...]