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CA300 – Advanced Clear Aligner Orthodontic Therapy with Emphasis on Class II Cases

Instructor: Dr. Barry Winnick

November 14, 2021 @ 8:00 am 2:30 pm

Since the first clear aligner comprehensive orthodontic therapy (CAT) was introduced in 1998, rapid progress has been made with the use of this appliance system. Worldwide, more adults are receiving orthodontic therapy than ever before, and this is being credited to the use of sequential clear aligners. More companies are developing aligner systems, and this in turn should lead to even more technical advancements. Complicated malocclusions and skeletal dysplasia are now being treated with sequential aligners for both adults and teenagers. The aligner may look quite simple but it is a very sophisticated bio-force appliance and, though never completely replacing a fixed multi-bracket technique, is now an integral part of current orthodontic treatment.

By the end of the seminar, the participant will understand the diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for orthodontic cases utilizing sequential clear aligner therapy for the following situations:

  1. Class II malocclusions for both adults and teenagers
  2. Deep bite cases
  3. Extraction cases
  4. Appropriate use of Carriere Motion Appliance in early treatment for distalization and potential mandibular advancement
  5. Problem-solving finishing cases
  6. Retention

By the end of the course, the participant will understand the bio-force similarities between the traditional multi-bracket and sequential clear aligner systems.

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