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AM402 – Biomechanics in Everyday Orthodontics

July 9, 2023 @ 7:00 am 12:00 pm

The goal of this course is to present a mechanics system with emphasis on techniques that lead to treatment efficiency. Sequencing of treatment using the USDI protocol will be emphasized in this course not only when this protocol can be strictly adhered to, but also when deviations from the protocol are necessary. The goal of the course is not to present a “cookbook approach” to orthodontics but instead the goal is to enable the participant to understand what needs to be corrected at each stage of treatment.
Efficient treatment starts with good bracket positioning. In this course, the participant will learn why differential bracket positioning is the most important part of improving treatment efficiency.
Efficiency can also be improved by choosing the correct wire progression based upon individual case characteristics. Some patients need a long and involved wire progression, while others can be treated with a very minimal wire progression. By taking this course, the participant will discover which cases need complex wire progressions and which ones do not.
Basic mechanics for class II correction and class III correction, as well as for extraction mechanics will also be presented. Additionally, early treatment mechanics designed to improve efficiency will also be explored. Finally, a simple and effective set of finishing mechanics will also be demonstrated.
Upon completion of this course, the participant will understand:

  • Various treatment techniques resulting in efficient Orthodontic treatment
  • At what stage of treatment certain aspects of malocclusion should be corrected
  • How to identify the reasons why treatment often take longer than anticipated as well as how to avoid those situations.

Tracy Coutts


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