Project Description

This course is for new, prospective USDI members who would like to learn more about Orthodontics and how the USDI can help them grow their practice and become better over-all Clinicians.
Learn how the USDI’s Unique Diagnostic System will help you incorporate Orthodontics into your practice in an easy to understand step-by-step method. You will be able to compete with Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics and offer your patients a clinically sound alternative to the beautiful smile they have always wanted!! You will receive 10 hours of CE Credit as you learn about Orthodontics and the United States Dental Institute. Increase your Practice Revenue (with no added marketing expenses), enhance your Cosmetic Results and become an overall well-rounded Practicing Clinician.Your patients want a beautiful smile and are looking for Orthodontic treatment – let the USDI train you on how to incorporate Orthodontics into your practice efficiently

During this courses you will learn:
  • The required patient records needed for Orthodontic treatment
  • USDI’s system of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Case selection for success
  • Aligner treatment overview -Practice integration workflow, team member roles

Overview of modified straight wire technique and functional appliances, records, basic cephalometrics banding and direct bonding procedures, initial arches, ligature tying, and patient instructions.

Course Outline

This course provides doctors with introductory concepts, terminology and clinical knowledge necessary to incorporate Aligner treatments into their practice. Appropriate case selection and submission will be reviewed as well as how to manage clear aligner treatment efficiently. Participants will learn the biological basis for tooth movements, diagnosis and effective treatment planning for aligner cases.

This course will review the details of specific tooth movement techniques, such as extrusion and rotation as well as interproximal reduction (IPR). Participants will learn the theory and technique of various IPR methods.

The advantages of the SAGITTAL FIRST concept resulting in a reduced number of aligner trays required to achieve treatment goals will be discussed.

Learn Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course participants will understand how to:

  • Identify ideal cases to start incorporating aligner treatment into their practice
  • Compile the required diagnostic records for each orthodontic case
  • Incorporate a new Practice workflow: Combining SAGITTAL FIRST with aligner   treatment
  • Treat aligner cases efficiently and profitably
  • Prepare team members for their new roles and responsibilities in order to start their first aligner case
  • Use the treatment software to submit their first case

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