Project Description

This course is designed to provide practical straight wire experience through working on a typodont. Arch wire and power unit principles will be reviewed, and the treatment stages and retention will be studied. The Class I crowded cases and Class II Division 1, will be worked through to completion on the articulator.  In working on the typodont, the attendee experiences, in a short time span, tooth movement caused by the various power unit combinations. All cases will be reviewed in depth.

Advanced power mechanics will be discussed, and practical exercises will include diagnosis and treatment planning for Class II Division 1 cases. In addition, treatment planning for a Class II Division 2 cases will be covered. This will include combination therapy using functional appliances as well as fixed.

Materials Needed for Course

Bird beak Pliers, Heavy Wire Cutter, Howe Pliers, standard plugger, Mosquito Forceps, auxiliary supply kit, Ortho study Articulator, Pre-molded Wax Forms, Set of Teeth, Brackets for Teeth — U.S.D.I specifications.